Meet Bryiana


I am an Iconic Beauty because I am an Ultimate Dreamer. I have a heart of gold and I am a go-getter straight to my core. I always fight for the fairytale because I know it exists. I am unapologetically myself, I love to love and I love helping others transform their dreams into their reality. I am the original Iconic Beauty and that is something I take a lot of pride in.

Occupation: President of Iconic Beauty
Current City: Beverly Hills, CA
Celebrity Crush: Rob Dyrdek 😉
Ethnic Background: Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Irish, Scottish and Native American
Strange hobby: Feeding my friends… and stalking strangers on social media.
Three Words That Describe Me: Passionate, ambitious and benevolent.
Three Fun Facts:

  1. I promised Walt Disney that I’d keep it a secret, so don’t go telling anyone, but I’m secretly a Disney princess. (Fact.ish.)
  2. I’m a MEGA introvert.
  3. In April of 2013, I quit all 3 of my jobs, packed up anything/everything that fit in my car and moved to LA. I didn’t know where I was going to live or work or anything. I had nothing figured out, all I knew was I had a dream bigger than the town I was living in and I needed more. I also knew that I had whatever it takes to figure it out. And guess what… I did. Now here I am, the President of Iconic Beauty, here to help you transform YOUR dream into your reality too.

Real Life Me

The Real Me


What are you really good at? Dreaming, planning and helping others to do the same.

What is your proudest accomplishment? My proudest accomplishment is doing what my doctors told me would be the impossible. When I was 10 years old, I was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia and my doctors told me that without a bone marrow transplant, there is no way I would live. After countless blood and platelet transfusions, two treatments of chemo, endless prayers and the Make-A-Wish Foundation coming into my life and making me feel like I still had SO much more to live for, I fought for my life. I never got the bone marrow transplant that my doctors said I needed because they never found a matching donor for me. I believe in miracles because I am one and that is my proudest accomplishment.

What makes you, you? Everything about me makes me, me. I’m so different from anyone else I know. From being an Ultimate Dreamer and the original Iconic Beauty, to what my family has always referred to as a “Miracle Girl” – when I decide that I’m going to make something happen, I make it happen- no doubts and no complaining. I love hard and dream big. I’m passionate and compassionate. I love watching and helping others succeed. I’m a really good friend and an even better wife. I don’t believe in “impossible” and I don’t believe in competition- I only strive to be better than I ever have been.

Who/what inspires you? My Iconic Beauties inspire me and the stories of other people making impossible things possible. My husband, our unborn children, and the life we are building together also really, really inspires me.
What makes you laugh/cry? I’m very emotional and sensitive. I laugh until I cry, and I cry until I finally laugh and sometimes it’s for no reason, and sometimes it’s because everything hits me all at once. Laughing and crying make me human; I do both often and I’m not sorry or ashamed.

What keeps you going when you feel like giving up? Remember how far I’ve come and how much good is still to come if I just push a little harder, try a little harder and pray a little harder.

If I were a recipe, I would be made up of…
3 cups of sugar, spice and everything nice
2 cups of love and benevolence
1 cup of wishes and dreams
3 tsp make believe and play pretend
1 cup of imagination
3 cups of strength, bravery, and intelligence
3 cups of determination and passion
and a pinch of naiveté


Color? It depends on my mood, honestly. I either love pink and anything/everything that sparkles or I love black.
Holiday? 4th of July
Movie: Mean Girls, Sex and the City, and Disney anything/everything
Music: Country
Book: Think and Grow Rich. I’ve read better books since then but that was my first life-changing book so it holds a special place in my heart.
Animal: Gretchen Wieners
Season: Spring
Store: Bebe (because they carry XXS and their sales associates are always SO much nicer than at Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdale’s.)
Food: Mexican fruit cups, hot cheetos and chicken katsu.
Beauty Product: Mascara and sticky lip gloss lol.

This or that

Heels or Flats? Heels!
Indoors or outdoors? I like doing indoors-y things, outdoors. (Like eating, reading and working outside.)
Cats or dogs? Puppies!
Chocolate or vanilla? CHOCOLATE!!!!!
Coffee or Tea? Iced coffee.
Morning or Night? Mornings. For sure.
Manicure or pedicure? I appreciate both on a weekly basis.

Iconic Beauties

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