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I am an Iconic Beauty because I am an Ultimate Dreamer. I have a heart of gold and I am a go-getter straight to my core. I always fight for the fairytale because I know it exists. I am unapologetically myself, I love to love and I love helping others transform their dreams into their […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because I am a dreamer who will stop at nothing to make sure those dreams come true. I’ve made mistakes but I have always moved passed them and learned from them. Over time, I have learned to love myself no matter where I am at in my journey and it’s […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because my integrity and tenacity have pushed me through countless obstacles that I have chosen to see as challenges. I’ve won every challenge I’ve ever been faced with. Current City: Los Angeles Ideal City: San Diego What is your ethnic background? Mexican, German, Irish and Native American Celebrity Crush: John […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because of my hard work and honest personality. I work hard to live the life I’ve always dreamed of and I wont stop until I have it. Current City: Upland Ideal City: Los Angeles Celebrity Crush: Drake What song best describes you?: Forever Young by Jay Z ft Mr Hudson […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because I fully understand that what I want will take work, time and major effort, but instead of shying away from these things, I am motivated and willing to go all-in to achieve my ultimate goals. Aligned with the companies standards, I do not compete with other women and feel […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because I always strive to see the beauty in others. That’s what helps you understand another person. I lead by example in trying to help others, especially when they are at their lowest points. I know how hard it is to feel like you have nothing to offer so I […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because I’m just an average girl with above-average dreams. I don’t fit the mold for industry standards for a “top model” and I don’t have a huge social media following yet but I work hard towards my dream and make it a priority. I know that looks fade and true […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because I am inspirational, strong-minded and a confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Occupation: Medical Assistant Current City: Orlando, FL Ideal City: New York/LA Ethnic Background: Dominican Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum What Song Best Describes you? Rachel Platten “Fight Song” If you could meet one person dead […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because I am a strong, determined, young woman with this fire and passion inside of me to push and pull through. I really fight for what I want because I know I can do it! Occupation: Student- Athlete Current City: Los Angeles, CA Ideal City: Los Angeles, CA Ethnic Background: […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because of my belief in myself and my belief in others. I choose to always see the positivity in every situation and make the best of the worst. I always remain humble and dedicated to my goals. I will never give up on what I believe in, and I believe […]

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I am an Iconic Beauty because I am not perfect or your typical model. I would rather wear ripped jeans, a t-shirt or walk around barefoot. I have tattoos, I’m clumsy, I have a gapped tooth, but I can promise you one thing; no one will ever make me feel less because of these things. […]

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