2017 Iconic Beauty – Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good Event

2017 Iconic Beauty
Hello Beauty

Welcome to the NEW ICONIC BEAUTY!

What was once a modeling competition to find the new Face of ICONIC BEAUTY has completely undergone a makeover from the inside, out to no longer be catered towards aspiring models, but to provide women of all shapes, sizes and colors the opportunity to live their dreams. This 2-3 day event will take place in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 20, 2017 and Sunday, May 21, 2017. (VIP Ticket Holders ONLY will have one full, extra special day with ICONIC BEAUTY on Friday, May 19, 2017.)


Our mission is to inspire, empower and transform women into who and what they want to become through mentorship and personal development.

Inspire: We are that encouraging power to make our Beauties want to jump out of bed each morning, striving to be better than they were the day before.

Empower: We uplift and motivate our Beauties because a woman with purpose is an unstoppable force.

Transform: We are confident that our Beauties will see the world in a new light after their experience with us. Our Beauties find themselves to be armed with the newfound knowledge that the world is at her finger tips and anything is possible.


Our vision is to change the way women view themselves and treat each other by bringing a whole new meaning to beauty, style, and philanthropy.

Beauty: An Iconic Beauty is a timeless classic with a heart of gold because anyone can be pretty with a little make up and a great hairstylist. She is the total package from the inside, out.

Style: An Iconic Beauty will light up the room with her smile and presence, regardless of her size because style is not measured by the number on a scale or by a ruler- its in the way she carries herself.

Philanthropy: An Iconic Beauty wears her heart on her sleeve and loves giving back to those in need.


We turn dreams into goals to make them REAL by providing the tools, resources and motivation because there is so much Beauty in being the author of your own story.

Tools: Our Iconic Beauties have been mentored by Bryiana Dyrdek since they signed with the company in July 2015. During this reign, these Beauties have learned how to model, brand themselves, and set and achieve personal and professional goals through the monthly homework assignments that Bryiana has required her Beauties to complete.

Resources: Our Iconic Beauties have had endless opportunities to network with industry professionals and personally develop themselves, which has allowed them to truly live their dream.

Motivation: One of the best things about being an Iconic Beauty is having this sisterhood of like-minded women supporting you and backing you up on your dreams. We motivate each other every single day to chase after our dreams and to be unstoppable… We can’t wait to cheer you on too!

– As an –

Iconic Beauty

I promise to
. . .

Never settle. Be my own first choice. Follow my passion. Never regret a decision I once made in pursuing my own happiness. Do things that set my soul on fire. Never give up. Dream big in my sleep and even bigger when I’m awake. Keep my values front and center.

See the world as it isn’t. Allow possibility to feed my soul. Expect the best. Remember that my self-worth is not based on what I look like, how much I weigh or anything else that has nothing to do with who I am as a person. Inspire, empower, uplift and motivate others. Help people. Make my own path. Ignore the doubters, even when they’re in my own head.

Be my own hero. Have real goals, write them down and accomplish them. Be proud of who I am and who I am becoming. Set and celebrate milestones. Understand that it actually takes years of hard work, dedication and believing to become an “overnight” success. Be nicer than is needed. Break the rules and ignore limits. Do more than is expected. Believe in magic. Let kindness rule. Wield my power for good. Create my own path. Believe in the Beauty of my own dreams. Endure the sting of failure until I am able to break society’s limits.

Build, create and achieve the impossible. Own the room. Never let fear stop me. Be unapologetically me. Be my own kind of beautiful. Radiate. Not dwell on past mistakes. Always give 110% in everything I do. (It’s the extra 10% that people remember) Embrace change. Believe in new days, fresh starts and do overs. Build my days around what is important to me.

Believe in myself. Make a statement, every day. Try new things. Take risks. Face my fears. Celebrate random acts of magnificence. Start each day with goals. Be the change I wish to see in the world. Empower. Inspire. Transform. Aid in changing the way women view themselves and treat each other. Always be an Iconic Beauty.

. . .

The only way the world will know what gifts I have to share, is if I share my gifts with the world. You have to put something out there to get something back. Without action, I can’t go anywhere. I am the only one who can create my dream life. I don’t want an average life. If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me! I choose to break the mold. Everything I have ever done has brought me to this point. I believe the life I want is mine to create. I am me and I will change the world. I have what it takes to succeed in anything I put my mind to. This is what I was meant to do. I choose freedom. I am my own best investment. Winners never quit and quitters never win. I will win. I have to win.

What To Expect

From the moment you walk through the door into the 2017 ICONIC BEAUTY LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD EVENT, our goal is for you to experience your first real “I MADE IT!” moment. That feeling will follow you throughout the course of this 2-3 day life changing event and if you allow it, all throughout the rest of your life. After we give you a taste of what it’s like to really Live Your Dream at this event, our goal for you to be so infatuated with the feeling of having your dream come true, that you jump out of bed every single morning, fighting to transform your Ultimate Dream into your reality.


Look Good

This is the part where we put the BEAUTY in ICONIC BEAUTY!


With some of ICONIC BEAUTY’s favorite photographers


Strut your stuff up and down the ICONIC BEAUTY runway during our 2017 Fashion Show then enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, networking and lots of fun and good times at the Official ICONIC BEAUTY After Party.


You’ll get the authentic “celebrity” experience when all eyes are on you as you’re gracing the ICONIC BEAUTY Red Carpet for your interviews and photos with Bryiana and the reigning ICONIC BEAUTY Dream Team.


Feel Good

Naturally, when you Look Good, you Feel Good. But at ICONIC BEAUTY, we’re taking that Feel Good to a whole different level so you feel your BEST.


Bryiana will host an opening orientation to share more about herself, her story, and Iconic Beauty. Then open up a panel discussion with reigning ICONIC BEAUTY Models to introduce you to them, their stories and their successes.


Everyone will breakout into smaller, more intimate groups where the reigning ICONIC BEAUTY Models will act as “Team Leaders”. During these sessions, you’ll learn how to personally develop yourself, participate in hands on activities, bonding, mentorship and Q&A’s.


Do Good

ICONIC BEAUTY is huge on philanthropy!
The entire event will be centered around not only living your own dreams, having a more developed sense of gratitude for all your blessings, but will also focus on charitable giving.

Iconic Beauty will be granting the wish of a young lady wishing to be a model at our 2017 Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good Event.

We will be donating 25% of our Fashion Show ticket sales to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Kenydi, 14
Sickle Cell Anemia
I wish to be a model


Day 1:

Feel Good

Saturday, May 20th

W Hollywood
  • Live Your Dreams Workshop and Q&A hosted by Bryiana Dyrdek: Bryiana will be sharing her story, some of the challenges she's experienced, how she overcame them, how she transformed her dream into her reality and how you can too!
  • Iconic Beauty Dream Team Panel: Hear from Iconic Beauty's Dream Team about how they have transformed their dreams into their reality.
  • Love, Success and Destiny Q&A with Rob Dyrdek: Rob will share his story on how true love is a hidden key to success. The floor will then be opened up for Rob to answer some of your questions too!

Day 2:

Look Good

Sunday, May 21st

W Hollywood
  • Iconic Beauty Photoshoot: Attendees will participate in their first official Iconic Beauty photoshoot.
  • Official Red Carpet: Experience Hollywood in its truest form by walking the official Iconic Beauty Red Carpet
  • Iconic Beauty Fashion Show: Not only will you be walking in the fashion show, you will also get to experience a Wish Come True with our VERY VIP Special Guest - our Wish Kid! She will be closing the fashion show with us, along with a few other special guest Wish Kids!
  • Official After Party: Celebrate the BEST WEEKEND OF YOUR LIFE at the Official After Party with our special guests!

All Weekend:


"After having my wish granted, I gained the hope and strength that I so desperately needed to fight and win my battle against Severe Aplastic Anemia. So Make-A-Wish is very special to me and that's why I chose to partner with them as Iconic Beauty's main "Do Good" for our 2017 event."

- Bryiana Dyrdek, President of Iconic Beauty

See the official announcement HERE!

  • At Iconic Beauty 2017, we will grant the wish of a very special Wish Kid: Just like you, she will get to live her dreams with us by modeling in her first photoshoot, walking the red carpet and strutting her stuff on the Iconic Beauty runway in the most positive, inspiring, uplifting, dream-come-true environment!
  • In addition, we will also be donating 25% of Fashion Show ticket sales to Make-A-Wish so they can grant another wish outside of the wish we are granting at our event!

Dates & Location

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the privacy and safety of all attendees, the exact details, schedule and location will be disclosed to fully paid entrants ONLY 90 days before the first day of the event.

The Investment


is specifically designed for Beauties who are really ready to live their dreams!



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  • +  We are now accepting credit card payments online! Please email us for an invoice.
  • +  Please send any questions to the ICONIC BEAUTY staff at info@iconicbeauty.com.
  • +  On behalf of myself and the entire ICONIC BEAUTY Dream Team, WELCOME to the most revolutionary chapter of your life, Beauty! Can’t wait to meet you and watch all of your dreams come true.


Until then… Stay ICONIC, BEAUTY!

Bryiana Dyrdek

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