Relay For Life: Don’t Let Cancer Steal 3rd Base

Don’t Let Cancer Steal 3rd Base

As a women’s empowerment brand, #TeamIconicBeauty proudly spread awareness about cervical and ovarian cancer at the Relay for Life in my hometown of Los Banos to benefit the American Cancer Society so more women can live to transform their dreams into reality.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is participate in charity events. However I can help, I always want to. That’s what drew me to beauty pageants in the first place. So when my 5th grade teacher messaged me on Facebook asking if I would be willing to back to my hometown and speak at the closing ceremony to share my story about when I was sick, I didn’t hesitate.

But I wanted to be more involved. Sure, I enjoy speaking, sharing my story and spreading awareness about great causes (even though I’m a mega introvert and still get super nervous every time I have to be on stage) but I also really like being hands on. I like moving people and making a difference. So, in addition to speaking at the closing “Fight Back” ceremony, I invited the entire Iconic Beauty Family (everyone who participated in the 2015 Modeling Competition) to join forces as a TEAM for the whole event!

What is it?
The Relay For Life is a 24 hour camp-out/walking relay to celebrate survivors and honor cancer patients and caregivers while raising money and awareness for cancer research.

Getting to my little hometown of Los Banos was a mission in itself because it’s so far away from anything/everything. So Iconic Beauty brand ambassadors: Layla, Meraiah and Nora drive up two days early for a Black Sand Beach shoot with Iconic Beauty photographer, Charlie Couch. Then I drove up on Friday by myself. Beauty, Vanna, drove up from San Diego on late Friday afternoon. Beauty, Alondra is already from Los Banos so she was there to join on Saturday. Then Beauty, Tahidy drove out from Nevada! And Iconic Beauty brand ambassador, Shania, drove down from the Bay Area on the day of the Relay.

Our team’s topic of cancer was gynecologic (cervical and ovarian) so we chose a baseball theme and the slogan “Don’t Let Cancer Steal 3rd Base!”

FullSizeRender 4

Since the month of May was a really busy one for me, I fell behind on pretty much all of my tasks. So if I can be honest with you, I totally wasn’t as prepared for the Relay as I had hoped to be. But we totally made it work! (Because we’re Iconic Beauties and that’s what we do. We roll with the punches.)

Iconic Beauty brand ambassadors: Layla, Meraiah, Nora and myself, started making our props as soon as we checked into our hotel the day before the Relay. And when Beauty, Vanna arrived from San Diego, she jumped in!

IMG_4113 IMG_4117

And I have to insert this mini brag because it’s important to me-

My ride or die/best friend/maid of honor, Adri, (who is also from my hometown of Los Banos) came over to pretty much hold my life together by organizing our plan and efforts/run the show when she was with us. (Honestly, no one in the world is better at that than she is. Like, what would my life even be if I didn’t have her in it for the last 12 years?! No idea. I don’t even wanna know either.)

On the Morning of the relay

We woke up bright and early. (And I mean bright and early. Before it was even bright outside! We were up before the sun was) To get to the Los Banos Fairgrounds to start setting up our booth. This, of course, took a lot longer than we expected. But it all worked out! And I mean, it really worked out because we won the award for Best Decorated Booth! (Holla) It was completely unexpected, but very much appreciated!

IMG_4165We wore white or denim jeans, white shoes and Iconic Beauty brand ambassador, Shania, had white shirts made with our slogan on the front in teal. (Cervical/Ovarian cancer colors) Side Note: This was also the first time I let my bump come out to play. Up to this point in my pregnancy, I wore loose shirts so sometimes,  you couldn’t even tell that I was pregnant. (And for no real reason. Pretty much everything I already owned was pretty loose-fitting anyway.)


We threw some last minute raffle fundraisers together. Like the 50/50 raffle and a live taping to MTV’s Ridiculousness. Played Cards Against Humanity to pass the time when we were waiting for our turn to walk. Ate a LOT of Me n Ed’s pizza. And we took lots of photos. 


I loved doing the Relay For Life in high school, but I was always part of an already-established team. It wasn’t until this year that I was actually responsible for putting the team together and running it. But I learned a lot, we all did.We did a lot during our 24+ hours at the Relay. But what we didn’t do was get as many Spirit Points as we should have. Because, again, we weren’t prepared. And since most of us live 4-6 hours away from Los Banos, we weren’t able to make it to any of the monthly meetings. So we missed out on some points there. Also missed the memo about the themed laps. And even though we did know about the Car Race and decorating contest, we just weren’t able to pull that together in time. But next time, we will be ready.  And next time #TeamIconicBeauty will dominate!