Iconic Beauty FAQ’s

What is Iconic Beauty?

Iconic Beauty is a women’s empowerment brand built on the foundation of mentorship and personal development to ignite, fuel and unleash the fire and fight within every Iconic Beauty!

What is Iconic Beauty’s mission?

Our mission is to inspire, empower and transform women into who and what they want to become.

Inspire: We are that encouraging power to make our Beauties want to jump out of bed each morning striving to better than they were the day before.

Empower: We uplift and motivate our models because a woman with purpose is an unstoppable force.

Transform: We are confident that our Beauties will see the world in a new light after their experience with us. Each model will be armed with the newfound knowledge that world is at her finger tips and anything is possible.

What is Iconic Beauty’s vision?

Our vision is to change the way women view themselves and treat each other by bringing a whole new meaning to beauty, style, and philanthropy.

Beauty: An Iconic Beauty is a timeless classic with a heart of gold because anyone can be pretty with a little make up and a great hairstylist. She is the total package from the inside, out.

Style: An Iconic Beauty will light up the room with her smile and presence, regardless of her size because style is not measured by the number on a scale or by a ruler- its in the way she carries herself.

Philanthropy: An Iconic Beauty wears her heart on her sleeve and loves giving back to those in need.

What is Iconic Beauty’s position?

We turn dreams into goals to make them REAL by providing the tools, resources and motivation because there is so much Beauty in being the author of your own story.

Tools: Our Iconic Beauties have been mentored by Bryiana Dyrdek since they signed with the company in July 2015. During this reign, these Beauties have learned how to model, brand themselves, and set and achieve personal and professional goals through the monthly homework assignments that Bryiana has required her Beauties to complete.

Resources: Our Iconic Beauties have had endless opportunities to network with industry professionals and personally develop themselves, which has allowed them to truly live their dream.

Motivation: One of the best things about being an Iconic Beauty is having this sisterhood of like-minded women supporting you and backing you up on your dreams. We motivate each other every single day to  chase after our dreams and to be unstoppable… We can’t wait to cheer you on too!

What is the goal of Iconic Beauty?

The goal of Iconic Beauty as a company is to provide a powerhouse for women to feel beautiful, loved, and treasured by being inspired, empowered, motivated and uplifted. The goal of Iconic Beauty as an opportunity for brand ambassadors, is to create the ultimate dream transformation experience.

What is the main purpose of Iconic Beauty?

To help the most deserving women live out their dreams, whatever they may be.

How can i be part of it?

Iconic Beauty will not be accepting new brand ambassadors until our Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good event in 2017. Event details will be released to all subscribers on July 15, 2016.. To subscribe click the “Become An Iconic Beauty” button on the home page or visit the “Let’s Be Besties” tab 🙂

What ARE The Requirements?

There are no height, weight, or outer appearance requirements. Tattoos, piercings, etc. are all okay. We are not looking for Hollywood’s idea of “perfection”. All brand ambassadors must be 14 years old or older. You may be married, single or divorced. You may or may not have children. All brand ambassadors must complete required assignments on time and live harmoniously with Iconic Beauty’s mission and values.

Why do all the current models look the same?

They don’t. Not only do all of our models have their own individual looks, but they are all their own individual people with their own dreams, goals, plans and ambitions. There was a wider variety of outer appearances when Iconic Beauty signed its original 20 models back in 2015; however, only 10 of those models decided to continue on the Iconic Beauty path- and that was a  personal decision that each of them made.

Why aren’t there any blondes or plus-sized models?

I had blondes and a wider variety of body shapes in the original 20 models that I signed back in 2015. However, they chose not to follow the rules of being an Iconic Beauty, so they were let go. Being an Iconic Beauty isn’t focused on an outward appearance. It’s either something you want and will strive to work towards every day, or you will let the opportunity pass you by (and onto someone else). That comes from within and nothing to do with one’s outward appearance. I will say this though: I would LOVE to expand the variety of models that I have. I’m just waiting on those special people to present themselves.

Why didn’t the other models decide to stay with Iconic Beauty?

Iconic Beauty is not an opportunity of handouts. Although it is our dream for everyone to succeed, not everyone has the same drive and ambition as those who are willing to dedicate all of their free time to making their dreams come true. Part of being an Iconic Beauty brand ambassador is completing assignments provided by Bryiana, FaceTiming monthly and living harmoniously with the company’s values; those not wishing to be punctual and reliable are not authorized to remain with the company.

How can I prepare for next year’s event?

Set goals. Create a plan of action around those goals. Live your life harmoniously with Iconic Beauty values. Practice modeling facial expressions and poses every day. Practice your runway walk every day. Live your life as if you are already an Iconic Beauty. If you are a Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good VIP pass holder you will be offered other tools and resources to help you further prepare for next year’s event.

Is it a modeling agency?

Iconic Beauty is not a modeling agency. Although potential clients may book Iconic Beauty models by emailing info@iconicbeauty.com, Bryiana does not take out a percentage fee from any models or clients. We are simply here to teach and help each individual model grow and reach her own full potential.

Does Iconic Beauty book you jobs?

Iconic Beauty helps to provide its brand ambassadors with the tools and resources to transform dreams into reality. Although Bryiana has offered outside jobs to Iconic Beauties and potential clients are able to book our models by emailing info@iconicbeauty.com, it is typically up to each model to take what they have learned and gained throughout their process with Iconic Beauty to book their own gigs.

What have the Iconic Beauty brand ambassadors done since they were signed?

Immediately following the 2015 Iconic Beauty Modeling Competition, everyone traveled back to their home states. A few days later, their modeling pictures that were taken by Charlie Couch, Ramon Bryce, Ryan Astamendi and Christos Sewell at the competition were sent out to them for their keepsake. Then Bryiana FaceTime’d them individually to learn more about them, their goals, dreams, plans, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. and assigned “homework” for them to complete every month to bring them closer to transforming these dreams into their reality.

All brand ambassadors have progressed immensely both as models and Iconic Beauties since signing with Iconic Beauty and completing the assignments. So Bryiana rewarded them with a getaway trip to Maui! Our brand ambassadors spent 4 days in Hawaii building bonds and lasting friendships with each other and building their modeling portfolios with Iconic Beauty photographer, Charlie Couch.

Some models have also signed with modeling agencies throughout the country, while others are continuously booking their own gigs as freelance models. The list of things that our brand ambassadors have done and accomplished during their reign as Iconic Beauty brand ambassadors goes on and on. Learn more about them in the “Meet the Dream Team” tab and follow their journeys!

Why isn’t there a competition in 2016?

Iconic Beauty has undergone some MAJOR changes since the original 2015 Modeling Competition. There will not be a competition in 2016 or any other year for that matter. I learned a lot in my first year with Iconic Beauty and I realized that the best way to improve Iconic Beauty is to completely take the competition out of it. Iconic Beauty is not a competition. As women, we are not in competition with each other and we shouldn’t be. We all have something completely different to bring to the table and that’s special! Our daily missions are just to be better than we were the day before, so Iconic Beauty is there to help.

Okay, so there’s no competition in 2016. Will there be any type of event?

I have dedicated this year to making 2016 the best year it can possibly be for my brand ambassadors. From helping them set their own personal and career goals, to achieving them, offering endless networking and modeling opportunities, traveling, giving back to our communities and inspiring other women to live out their dreams, we’ve been doing a lot this year. With that being said, I would like to continue dedicating this year to them while I prepare to take on a new wave of Iconic Beauties in 2017.

Where are the headquarters?

Iconic Beauty is based in Beverly Hills, California but our brand ambassadors are located all throughout the United States.

Do I have to live in a certain place in order to be an Iconic Beauty?

Nope! We have brand ambassadors living all across the United States. You just have to be dedicated and committed where ever you live.

Will you have a casting call in my area?

No. We do not have casting calls anywhere. We only scout new brand ambassadors at our live events after we get to know who you are, what you’re about and if you are truly living harmoniously with Iconic Beauty’s values.

Where can I submit my photos to be considered for Iconic Beauty?

We do not accept photo submissions for future Iconic Beauties. All Iconic Beauty hopefuls must attend an official Iconic Beauty event in order to be considered for the position as an Iconic Beauty brand ambassador.

When and where is the next event?

Iconic Beauty’s Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good Event will be held in Los Angeles in 2017. More details on this life-changing event will be released to our subscribers in the summer of 2016.

Do I have what it takes to be an Iconic Beauty?

That’s up to you to decide. Iconic Beauty is not for everyone. It’s not for the girl who sits around waiting for things to happen or for opportunities to present themselves. It’s not for the girl who likes to complain or talk about other people. It’s not for the girl who looks at the world around her and thinks “I can’t do that because I don’t look like that, or act like that, or talk like that” (or any other lame excuse you try to lie to yourself about). It’s for the Ultimate Dreamer the go-getter who will stop at nothing until all of her dreams come true.

What makes Iconic Beauty different from the other brands like them?

There is no other brand like Iconic Beauty and that is exactly what makes it different from anything else in the world.

Why / How was this brand created?

The idea of Iconic Beauty originated from Bryiana’s drive to break the mold. Most of her life, she’s been told that she can’t do something because of the limitations that other people had put on her. After breaking through barrier after barrier, she realized there’s no such thing as “impossible” no matter what anyone else says, so she created Iconic Beauty to spread that message and help others live out their dreams.

Where does all the inspiration and motivation come from to fuel the dreams of the Beauties?!

We all driven by our own passions and purpose. Some brand ambassadors are fueled by their struggles of the past while others are fueled by the endless possibilities of the future. At the end of the day, we have all gotten very close with each other so now we aren’t just fueled by our own desires, we are compelled to push each other to greatness as well because there is enough success in the world go around for all of us. We understand that we are not in competition with each other. When one succeeds, it ignites a greater fire within each of us to transform our own dreams into our reality.

What do the brand ambassadors gain from this opportunity?

As each brand ambassador is on her own journey, all chasing after different dreams and successes, what she gains is different from what an other may gain. The only brand ambassador who gets paid directly from Iconic Beauty is the Face of Iconic Beauty, Layla, as she was awarded a cash prize and $10,000 modeling contract with us at the 2015 competition. (click here to learn more about Layla)

However, ALL of our brand ambassadors have gained infinite prosperities, as not all forms of payment are monetary. Iconic Beauty brand ambassadors have earned the tools and resources to transform their dreams into their reality- like goal setting and achieving, life skills, lessons, assistance in developing and perfecting her craft, photoshoots, friendships, memories with fellow Beauties, traveling opportunities, and so, so much more!