About Iconic Beauty


Inspire: We are that encouraging power to make our Beauties want to jump out of bed each morning, striving to be better than they were the day before.

Empower: We uplift and motivate our Beauties because a woman with purpose is an unstoppable force.

Transform: We are confident that our Beauties will see the world in a new light after their experience with us. Our Beauties find themselves to be armed with the newfound knowledge that the world is at her finger tips and anything is possible.

Our mission is to inspire, empower and transform
women into who and what they want to become.


What is Iconic Beauty?

Iconic Beauty is a women’s empowerment brand built on the foundation of mentorship and personal development to ignite, fuel and unleash the fire and fight within! Bryiana Dyrdek has combined her experience and resources with the knowledge she’s gained through pageants, modeling, personal
development and studying other influential leaders to create the perfect opportunity for women who are seeking more. Iconic Beauty was not created to find Hollywood’s idea of perfect; only the Ultimate Dreamer, possible diamond in the rough, a true go-getter… an Iconic Beauty.


We turn dreams into goals to make them REAL by providing the tools, resources and motivation because there is so much Beauty in being the author of your own story.

Tools: Our Iconic Beauties have been mentored by Bryiana Dyrdek since they signed with the company in July 2015. During this reign, these Beauties have learned how to model, brand themselves, and set and achieve personal and professional goals through the monthly homework assignments that Bryiana has required her Beauties to complete.

Resources: Our Iconic Beauties have had endless opportunities to network with industry professionals and personally develop themselves, which has allowed them to truly live their dream.

Motivation: One of the best things about being an Iconic Beauty is having this sisterhood of like-minded women supporting you and backing you up on your dreams. We motivate each other every single day to chase after our dreams and to be unstoppable… We can’t wait to cheer you on too!


Our vision is to change the way women view themselves and treat each other by bringing a whole new meaning to beauty, style, and philanthropy.

Beauty: An Iconic Beauty is a timeless classic with a heart of gold because anyone can be pretty with a little make up and a great hairstylist. She is the total package from the inside, out.

Style: An Iconic Beauty will light up the room with her smile and presence, regardless of her size because style is not measured by the number on a scale or by a ruler- its in the way she carries herself.

Philanthropy: An Iconic Beauty wears her heart on her sleeve and loves giving back to those in need.